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Our mission at Brighton Ridge is to provide a place where residents are treated with dignity and respect, and where activities are planned that support each person’s independence and self-esteem. We do all we can to create an environment that allows our residents to enjoy this phase of their lives, feel they are part of a caring family and know they are safe and well looked after by a concerned and capable staff.

"Thank you for the love and compassion shown to our mom, Doris Carmichael and for the wonderful care and support you provided for her through the years. We appreciate you so much!"

Alan and Julie Carmichael

“I’m working with therapists to strengthen my cognitive skills and getting physical therapy for my hands so I can go back home and live independently. I’ve been playing checkers with the therapist and I beat the pants off her this week. The nurses have been great!”

Nova Bower, Fayetteville

“I love it here. This is home. They take care of me. I have a good bed to sleep in. The food is very, very good. I like it all. I have lots of friends in here. We cook together sometimes, we make pudding and things like that. We play a lot of games like Bingo and dominos. They have a beautiful view—we go outside and enjoy the fresh air.”

Nettie Walden, Fayetteville

“I’m getting physical therapy on my ankle and arm after an accident. The therapists, Becky & Liz, are great—they are just so good and go above and beyond just therapy. They go out of their way to be nice, not just to me, but to everybody. My therapy is progressing very well—I can use a walker now, and I should be discharged soon. The therapists helped strengthen me to return home.”

Mary Crews, Eureka Springs

“I’ve been getting therapy for my arms and legs. When I got here, I wasn’t able to move at all and they helped me get my strength back in my abs and now I can sit up. They’ve helped me learn to feed myself again and to start to walk again after my stroke. I’m getting stronger every week. St. Andrews is a good place to be--it really is. I like it. The care is really good. It’s a very clean space. I’ve made a lot of friends here. They have Bingo and Wii games. They give the residents birthday parties with cake and ice cream. They do your hair and nails and give pedicures. I like to go outside here when the weather is nice. They’ll let you leave and go visit your family. I think everyone knows me here. It makes you feel like home--they are so friendly.”

Debra Wells

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